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Rapid construction system is the need of the hour to meet the growing needs of space requirement for offices buildings/ shopping malls/ Industry and residential sector. One of the construction systems, viz., precast concrete structures is fast catching up in the country. It is greatly influenced by the behavior of beam-to-column/wall connections. Precast hollow core slabs are predominantly considered as floor slab elements, and they are one-way slabs and can span larger length like 12m to 15m. Being one-way slabs, load distribution on beam is also on the supported frames which are also one way. By utilizing precast hollow core slabs, form work is eliminated and thus saving in time. Unlike the conventional structure, where rigidity is considered in all the floors,it is proposed to give releases in alternate floors and two successive floors at a time and keep rigidity in rest of the floors in precast structures. By doing so, speed of construction can still be made faster, and construction is easire is the idea. A 7×7 bay structure of 10 story high is considered for analysis subjected to seismic and gravity loading. ETABS software is used for analysis and design,and then observe the structural stability in terms of strength, deflection and story drift etc.This paper presents the summary of releases at different floors and the results thereon.


TitleBehavioral Study of Precast Concrete Structure with Fixity at Different Levels
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