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In this day and age, there is a big push for everything around you to be built green. That means that it is better for the environment in many different ways. There are many different components of each individual home that when combined, make for an earth friendly space to live in. Building your own home and building it green requires quite a bit of knowledge in the ways of what is earth friendly and what isn’t.

There are numerous ways that you can accomplish building your prairie plans house. The first and foremost item that most of us know about is starting with the use of energy efficient appliances. These specially labeled appliances use less energy for heating, cooling and the dispensing of water. The appliances also generate less greenhouse gas emissions which in turn lead to less air pollution. Not only are these energy efficient appliances better for the environment, they are also friendlier for your pocketbook. These special appliances can save the average household up to 30% on their electricity bill in one year.

Another way to save the environment might be less obvious to you and me. One of the best ways to build your colonial home plans into a green home is by reusing items that would have otherwise been considered waste materials. A good example of this is by recycled glass countertops. Not too many people know about these revolutionary countertops, but they don’t get much greener than these. These countertops are made out of waste glass, such as bottles and windows. The end result is a countertop that is extremely earth friendly. The glass isn’t porous, so you don’t have to worry about applying a coat of sealer. Nothing could be more innovative than one of these glass countertops.

One more way to make your ranch style home plans turn into your green home is to install a tankless water heater. A standard water heater continuously heats the water that the tank is holding regardless of whether hot water is needed or not. Not only is this using way more energy than is necessary, it is most likely contributing to your high utility bills. With a tankless water heater, water is heated only when the hot water is turned on. When the hot water is turned off, the water is no longer heated, saving a tremendous amount of energy.

No matter what are doing in your home to make it greener it is already helping the environment. Every little thing that each of does contributes to a healthier earth. Even if all you can do is to change out your regular light bulbs for a lower energy fluorescent light bulb, even that is a great attempt. When it comes to saving the earth, no attempt is too small.

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