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Preference in home ownership tends to be cyclical. For decades people looked to the suburbs and outlying areas of major cities for living options, generally because larger properties could be had at reasonable costs. These days, however, we see a shift toward urban residency and a down-scaling of personal items. Choosing to live downtown, in fact, can make for a greener existence and help lessen your carbon footprint.

The Advantages of Downtown Living – the Green Way

Commuting to work seemed less of a hassle when gas prices were affordable. If you work in the downtown area, chances are buying or renting a condo or loft may have greater appeal. A shorter trip to work, augmented by public transportation or merely the chance at some exercise, definitely proves a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As downtown residences develop, so do surrounding city blocks by establishing grocery stores, boutiques, doctors’ offices, and other services. An extensive tour of your downtown with a qualified real estate agent can reveal the convenience of living close to work – daily necessities are readily provided, plus options for entertainment and recreation may increase if your city’s maintains concert and sport venues in the vicinity. This could allow you to keep your car in storage or, better yet, sell it and not have to worry about insurance or payments.

As the average loft or apartment within the city may average between a thousand and fifteen hundred square feet, you’ll find there may not be enough room to house everything you own. Cutting down on personal items and furniture makes for a more environmentally friendly living space – the less you own, the less energy is required to sustain your home. Add on some green appliances and fixtures like low-flow plumbing, hardwood floors, and eco-friendly lighting and you could save big on utility bills, too!

As a healthier living option, the urban lifestyle has its benefits. If you work in a major downtown area and are done with the lengthy, nerve-wracking commute, consider a closer move to treat not only your sanity, but your wallet.

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