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Nowadays, we are filled with so many environmental issues. All of this has threatened human life and other species. At some point, these environmental issues have put fear in the human race as it has slowly degraded Earth. As a result, the future could be vague as our present activities could self-destruct the planet soon.

Because of these known threats to human and other biological beings in this world, people have been working to make other more aware of the situation. Plenty of resolutions have been proposed. Although some may be hard to do, others are very practical; just simply small efforts and practices that could help slowly defuse the time bomb for Earth destruction.

The real estate industry has also found ways to help lessen or slow down environmental degradation. They have promoted the construction of green buildings. These types of properties are not colored green as the name states. Instead, these homes are built in a way that it could function in an eco-friendly way.

How do you build a green home? The basic unit of a green home is the sustainable materials. These are materials come from a renewable source. Using them has tons of benefits for the occupants of the property. Some of the benefits are:

1. Less Maintenance issues over the life of the property.
2. Makes your home more energy-efficient.
3. Improves productivity and promotes health to its occupants.
4. Lesser cost as to replacement or in modifying configurations.
5. More flexible in terms of design.

So how do you know that the material you are using for your home is actually a green material? There are several criteria used in the selection of these products. The selection process the will be mentioned in this article was taken from the California Government website. Here are some ideas:

1. The material should be recyclable and usable. It resources should be natural and renewable, which means it is plenty and abundant and can easily be replenished. Most of the materials are usually locally grown and abundant. All of them should be durable to ensure long lasting materials. If the material needs to be processed, it should be done in a resource efficient way.

2. When you use the materials, it should help improve indoor air quality. For this to be possible, the material should be non-carcinogenic, low and non-toxic. It should also have remarkably low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds or should also produce less of them.

3. The use of the materials would further assist owners in their goal to be energy efficient. It should also help decrease the demand for water and in fact help owners in their goal for conservation.

4. It should be affordable. You can pay less for them without sacrificing the quality of your home.

There are tons of sustainable materials that you can use out there. You can further check the Environmental Protection Agency for more recommendations on what materials to use. But if you think you can manage, you can use your discretion on selecting what to buy by using this guide. And you can enjoy a cleaner, greener, long-lasting and affordable home that promotes a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

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