Talking House with Chenchow Little: Darling Point Apartment

In this fourth instalment of the Design Speaks video series celebrating 10 years of the Houses Awards, Tony Chenchow and Stephanie Little return to the Darling Point Apartment to literally unfold the elements of this tranquil apartment, revealing paintings, polychrome and enigmatic spaces that are a delight to behold.

Darling Point Apartment was the winner of the Australian House of the Year in 2016. “That an apartment has been named the Australian House of the Year reflects a shift in the way many Australians live today,” the jury said at the time. “This project also demonstrates that an apartment can be designed with the same warmth and sophistication as a detached house.”

For the Talking Houses: The decade’s best video series, the past winners of the prestigious award were each invited to create a video that shares the stories, ideas and experience of living in each of their award-winning homes.

The video series reflects the vibrant milieu of Australian residential design and will reveal the unique character of each practice.

The 2020 Houses Awards is presented by Architecture Media and supported by Cult, Allegion, Artedomus, Blum, Bosch, Brickworks, the Heritage Council of Victoria, Sussex, and Taubmans.

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