Talking Houses with Peter Stutchbury: Invisible House

In this instalment of the Talking Houses video series, Peter Stutchbury heads back to the breathtaking landscape that inspired the Invisible House, winner of the 2014 Australian House of the Year.

There is much to be observed in the making of architecture. At Invisible House, Peter Stutchbury Architecture has taken lessons from the landscape to create a home that nurtures a visceral connection to the earth and sky. This video goes inside the mind of the architect and become absorbed by the atmospheres of the place.

For the Talking Houses: The decade’s best video series, the past winners of the prestigious award were each invited to create a video that shares the stories, ideas and experience of living in each of their award-winning homes.

The video series reflects the vibrant milieu of Australian residential design and will reveal the unique character of each practice.

The 2020 Houses Awards is presented by Architecture Media and supported by Cult, Allegion, Artedomus, Blum, Bosch, Brickworks, the Heritage Council of Victoria, Sussex, and Taubmans.

Winners will be announced in an online celebration on 31 July. More details will be available on the Houses Awards website.

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