The City of Hobart calls for ‘playful’ bus shelter designs

The City of Hobart has launched a competition to design innovative bus shelters for the city.

The competition challenges the community to “reimagine the way we experience our urban landscape.”

“Let’s change the daily commute into a playful, immersive and personalised experience that is truly amazing,” said the council.

The competition is open to everyone, including Australian and international designers and design teams, and the council strongly encourages multi-disciplinary teams.

The competition seeks ideas to “help make waiting for the bus more reliable, safe, accessible and socially connected.”

The bus shelters will have integrated digital interfaces and various methods of communication.

The competition brief calls for designs that are practical and low cost with surface mounted footings to avoid excavation.

The designs will also have to be modular, with the smallest module to accommodate one to two people which would enable larger shelters to be made up of multiple modules. The council says bus shelters accommodating more than four people are uncommon.

“The shelter design should reimagine the way we use and interact with the public realm by enhancing the public transport user experience, and opening up opportunities to learn, engage and be empowered during our daily commute,” said the council.

The competition will be conducted in three stages with a total prize pool of $25,000. First is an expression of interest stage where entrants will outline their design ideas. Shortlisted entrants will move to concept development in stage two and receive a $3,000 fee. In the final design development stage, one designer/team will may be engaged and receive the remainder of the prize money.

Stage one expressions of interest close on 3 August. For more information, see the City of Hobart’s website.

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