How to find Area of a Location using GIS software? Ex: Dam

Bar bending schedule (BBS) is a comprehensive, detailed list of reinforcement bars to be used in an RCC construction along with their number, location, mark, type, size, lengths, details in correspondence with the drawings. It also includes the timing for the bending of each bar, and that is why it’s called a bending schedule.

Bars are needed to be bent in order to give them the desired reinforcement shape. Stirrups and anchorages are two places where bar bending is compulsory. In addition, when we need to join bars, we might want to bend them on the ends before welding or fastening.

BBS also gives a clear and logical understanding as to how much bars of what sizes will be needed to be procured and bent by what time so that no delay, all procurement is done with minimal transport expenses, and all bending is done with minimal machine and labor costs.

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