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“Go Green” is today’s motto. For a home hunter getting a “Green Certified” property is a prize catch. Several real estate website advertise for “green certified” homes that provides the residents with not just an Eco-friendly environment but also are equipped with appliances that have minimum cost to its utility thus reducing your monthly bills. But as a buyer other than reading about them it is important for you to understand what to look for in a “green” home. Here are some beneficial tips that can help you decide.

When choosing a home with “green certification” always checkout for its proximity to the nearest public transportation. Being near a public transportation can immensely reduce the air pollution as it can carry out a mass transit. This will evidently reduce the use of any other means of conveyance to reach the public transportation stand from your home.

The layout of the house is also very important for conservation of energy. The bigger the house more energy will be required to heat or cool it. But effective layout of the house can easily make the house comfortable to stay in. Therefore you must give more consideration to the layout of the house.

Also important is the flooring of the house. Use of natural materials in flooring can have an effective means of utilization of energy. For example, wooden flooring can help keep the rooms warm in winters. Also flooring like tiles are much easier to maintain than carpeting as they do not absorb moisture and keep the flooring safe from insects.

A good study of the windows can tell you more about the “green” part of the property. Windows are considered to be a huge source of energy loss. They can be the best means of natural light in your home. This will not just help in proper ventilation but also help in reducing the use of artificial light in the house. If the windows are huge and double-paned then it is more effective as they are easier to maintain.

Prefer location away from agricultural or industrial areas as these are more prone to pollutions and in due course you might be affected. One needs fresh air and pollution free environment to lead a healthy life. If the house that you choose to buy has lush green area around it then it will obviously be good for your overall body and mind. Staying near nature will always keep you calm and free from any stress. Also if you have trees near your house then it will also shade your house from the sun throughout the day.

Landscaping of your home with naive and drought resistance plants can not just minimize your maintenance cost but also make your house exterior look beautiful. These plants require less irrigation, minimal care and can remain the same throughout year. Also a special variety of grass can be used to keep your lawns looking green throughout the year.

Proper insulation can greatly reduce the maintenance and utility cost of appliances in the house. For that you must find out the R factor of the area which is a measurement of the insulation. The more the R factor the lesser the appliances will be affected by the moisture, heat or cold.

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