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Call me esoteric, but one periodical I like to read is the Yale Economic Journal. Why you ask? Well, not because I believe everything in it, rather I realize the incredible power that school has in the present period, many of the students that go there, are later elevated to high office or Wall Street insider jobs. Not long ago an article in the Yale Economic Journal stated that: “The Slow Economy Won’t Slow Green Consumerism.”

Well, as the economic advisor to the Online Think Tank, I have to disagree, as there is no business that is not affected in some way by economic cycles. And a SmartCar still costs some $30,000 and let’s not forget installing solar panels on a home is not cheap either and financing is not as easy as it once was for home equity loans, Re-Fis or second mortgages.

Now then, it ought be obvious to everyone that the next “bubble” like the Silicon Valley Bubble and the Housing Bubble will be the “green tech” bubble. And funding for green tech will continue into the future whether or not any of these latest technological breakthroughs or the companies that produce them ever make a profit.

So, whereas the green industry will be robust, which I will give the Yale Economic Journal that, I still cannot buy into concept that this current economy (if it gets much worse) will not slow the purchases of green tech by consumers. Anyone who purports otherwise is just involved in silly rhetoric, wishful thinking and pie-in-the-blue-sky business plan proformas. Think on this.

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