Announced on 27 August, the shortlist for the 2020 Eat Drink Design Awards includes 27 projects for Best Restaurant Design:

Alala’s – Pony Design Co.

Bathers Pavilion – Luchetti Krelle

Chocolate Buddha – Maddison Architects

Fino Vino – Studio Gram

Firebird – Ewert Leaf

Frederic – SJB Interiors

Glorietta – Alexander and Co.

Ichiro Izakaya Bar – Studio Grayscale

Lagoon Dining – Olaver Architecture

Lilian – CTRL Space

Madre – Rads Voice Design – Identity

Martha’s Table – Melissa Collison

Mya Tiger – Techne Architecture and Interior Design

Nagambie Brewery and Distillery – Six Degrees Architects

New York Grill – CTRL Space

Niubi – TA-Square

Omnia Bistro – Architects EAT

Osteria Tedesca – Cox Architecture

Paper Crane – CTRL Space

Poly – Anthony Gill Architects

Poodle Bar and Bistro – Bergman and Co.

Rengaya – Giant Design Consultants

Shutters – AZB Creative and Schiavello Construction

SK Steak and Oyster – Richards and Spence

Superhiro – TA-Square

The Albert Park Hotel – Six Degrees Architects

The Beach House – Studio Gram

The 2020 Eat Drink Design Awards are organized by Architecture Media and supported by Chandon Australia, Latitude, and Roca. See all the shortlisted projects on the Eat Drink Design Awards website.

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