I hope these tips will help you to understand why creating a mood board is vital to the success of your interior design project. Not only do they allow you to visualize how different styles, furnishings, and colours would look together in a room, but also how they will work together as a cohesive whole. Mood boards help us to see how our design concepts are working before we commit to spending time or money on them. Furthermore, it’s important not just for the designer, but for the homeowner as well. By working together with the client throughout the process and creating a mood board, we can help ensure that their vision is being carried out. Let me share 3 reasons why creating a mood is an important process when you decorate/redecorate/remodel your house. 1. A Mood Board Helps You Imagine Your Space Creating a mood boardis a great way to get inspired and imagine how you want your space to look. It’s a lot easier to visualize what you want when you can see it on paper, especially if you have trouble verbalizing what you’re looking for in your home decor. 2. A Mood Board Helps You Brainstorm Ideas When it comes to decorating, sometimes the best way to start is with an idea—but where do those ideas come from? Creating a mood board can help spark new ideas for your space by showing you colours, patterns, textures, and shapes that might be new but still fit your style. It’s a great way to get out of any decorating rut! 3. A Mood Board Makes The Process Easier And Faster Once you’ve got all the pieces of your design puzzle figured out, it’s time to put them together in real life (or virtual reality). But before you go shopping or ordering furniture online, it’s always smart to do a little research first—and using a mood board helps make sure you’re getting everything right from the very beginning! Lily.S
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