AbstractA common problem in construction is that disruptions emerging in the off-site supply chain adversely influence on-site activities. Off-site disruptions may cause substantial construction delays if they are not identified in time. Based on the production theory and four-dimensional (4D) building information modeling (BIM) applications in construction, this paper proposes a novel framework that assists in developing look-ahead supply schedules to identify potential construction delays caused by off-site disruptions. The framework adopts an extended customer order decoupling point (CODP) typology to define off-site process patterns, reflecting the production features and supply characteristics. The early warning signs of potential construction delays are captured by checking the integrated on- and off-site process and further visualized in a BIM-enabled environment. A case study is carried out to verify the feasibility of the framework and identify practical implications. Guided by the framework, construction project teams and suppliers can identify the early warning signs of potential delays, aided by specific location and duration instructions from the 4D BIM. This framework will help prevent off-site disruptions and offer adaptability for construction and logistics scheduling and planning.

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