Travertine tile is one such material that can be used in manifold ways in both indoors and outdoors. The light colours and earthy natural texture add a luxurious touch and enhance the value of a home. From the pool deck, patios, driveways, pathways to bathroom shower walls and floors, countertops, backsplash, the travertine tile makes its way in beautifying every area of a home. So it’s good to know about the properties of travertine tile before buying from Travertine Tiles Suppliers in Sydney. Kitchen: The properties of travertine tiles make it an ideal choice for the kitchen, from flooring to countertops and backsplash. The sturdiness and durable property of travertine tiles help withstand heavy foot traffic and high wear and tear. Another unique characteristic of the travertine tile is that it can bear high temperatures and is non-flammable, which makes it a good choice for countertops. A well-sealed travertine stone tile prevents oil and water penetration and makes it easy for homeowners to remove or clean the food stains. Bathroom: The travertine tiles create a luxury touch, and with their light shade colours, it brings a jaw-dropping impression on homeowners. Since the travertine tiles can be easily cut using electric cutters, it saves a lot of time and fits perfectly in all bathrooms regardless of the size. The honed and tumbled finish makes the travertine tile slip-resistant with its natural texture when wet, and a good sealer prevents the travertine tile from absorbing shampoo, lotion and soap water. Indoor Flooring: Travertine tile is the best alternative to other expensive natural stone tiles, such as marble or granite. The uneven vein designs and natural colours create an opulence appearance to any design style: traditional or contemporary. The firm quality of travertine tile helps withstand high foot traffic, especially the living room area, which receives more foot traffic than other areas. Interior Walls: Decorating the interior wall with travertine tile gives the house a palace-like appearance. The travertine tile tends to absorb humidity from the air, so properly sealing it will help prevent this from happening. Homes that have a fireplace in the living room should consider using travertine tile because it adds extra beauty and dimension to the house structure. Outdoor Flooring: The solid and natural texture of travertine tiles makes it an absolute choice for outdoors, such as patios, decks, driveways, walkways, stairs, pathways, pool surround areas etc. The travertine tiles help keep the pool deck areas cool during hot summers. The hardness and durability of travertine tile withstand extreme weather conditions. Travertine pavers bring a unique beauty to your outdoors, and it is easy to replace damaged pavers compared to large size concrete slabs. If you need any assistance or guidance related to travertine tile, contact Marble Plus. We are one of the renowned Travertine Tiles Suppliers in Sydney, and we have many good collections of travertine tiles that fit both indoor and outdoor applications.
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