There are a multitude reasons to utilize a Buyer’s Agent on your journey to Home ownership, we’re going to cover the top 5. 1. Representation 2. Access 3. Expertise 4. Network 5. Cost REPRESENTATION The duty of a Buyer’s Agent is to fight for you & look out solely for your best interest. Rather than representing both you and the seller which can jeopardize a potential conflict of interest, their only obligation is to you! ? ACCESS Real estate agents normally have access to properties that the public simply doesn’t have access to. In fact 2 of the biggest real estate websites are owned by the same company; a lot of the unverified info is regurgitated. A Buyer’s Agent can show you any available property, their duty is to find the perfect home for you for the best price. A Buyer’s Agent knows what’s out there better than anyone else in the market. They spend much of their time looking at houses both in person & online, so they fully understand what’s available and where the good deals are. They’re the ones on the front line setting appointments and viewing hundreds of homes every month. Usually a Buyer’s Agent have already seen homes that you may be interested in, and can share details with you before you’ve even see the inside! ? EXPERTISE A Buyer’s Agent possesses Effective Negotiating Skills and Contract Knowledge. The Buyer’s Agent is an effective negotiator, for this reason they can write solid offers that get you, their Client into an ideal situation. They negotiate and write contracts for a living and know how to deal with listing agents and sellers. A Buyer’s Agent thoroughly understands intricacies a Contract, and are able to explain and walk through the entire contract, disclosures and any counter offers with you. Aside from looking over your best interest within the contract stage they’ll also follow up if any issues arise throughout the process. ? NETWORK Furthermore, a Buyer’s Agent can assist you in finding a competent loan officer, home inspector, landscaper and others that can assist you once you find the home that you want to buy ? COST It’s free, normally real estate fees are paid by sellers when the transaction is completed. ? BOTTOM LINE After doing your due diligence as far as interviewing agents at the end of the day working directly with a professional is the way to go. Written by Mohamed T Gulamali ?
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