Power Tools are devices used in industries, construction sectors, garden areas, household activities like drilling, fastening, cutting, shaping, sanding, routing, etc. They are classified into two typ…

Power Tools are devices used in industries, construction sectors, garden areas, household activities like drilling, fastening, cutting, shaping, sanding, routing, etc. They are classified into two types – stationery and handheld. Power tools are very effective as they can accomplish their work at high speed and in less time. Also, they help in simplifying complex work projects and give a perfect finish to the job. These tools come in various sizes, shapes and designs.
We have brought to you the list of top 6 power tools applicable for DIY users.
1. Cordless Drill/Driver – It is operated on a battery and doesn’t have a power cord system that needs to plug in an electrical socket. Thus, user can work with it anywhere and anytime without relying on the power supply. It is used for drilling the holes and driving the screws in metal, concrete or mortar. Cordless drill is mainly used in home construction, remodelling, hanging pictures, fixing shelves, assembling furniture, repair and maintenance work. The device is compact and lightweight and thus easy to use and handle.
2. Circular Saw – It is a portable mechanical device helpful in cutting large pieces of wood, plastic, metal, concrete, tiles or bricks. It can cut in both curvilinear and straight pattern. It has high sawing capacity and good cutting precision. It uses a round blade lined up with sharp metal teeth. The circular saw uses rotary motion spinning around the workpiece for cutting. The power wattage, cut line indicator, base plate, frequency of use and brake system are factors to consider while choosing the circular saw.
3. Angle Grinder – It is a form of the handheld power tool used for cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing various metal workpieces. Either battery or electricity powers it. It is a usually light, precise and user-friendly device. It is used for other different tasks like metal cleaning, cut roods and bolts, cut tile or concrete, and sharpen the blades. Disc diameter, wattage, speed, brushless motor, power source and safety features are various parameters to consider while selecting the grinder. Carbide multi cutting disc, flap disc and backing pads are certain accessories for angle grinders.
4. Random Orbital Sander – This sander is preferred for its ultra-smooth sanding functionality. It is because of the random and circular sanding pattern. User can use it on wood, plastic, metal, or tile. It is also used for painting work and restoring headlight transparency. User can use the variable speed setting option to polish the car using various polishing pads. The palm sander is suitable for small projects like stripping furniture and sanding a drywall patch. Power rating, orbit speed, base plate size, comfort, vibration and weight are certain factors to check in a random orbital sander device.
5. Multi-purpose tools – It is a type of hand tool that comprises several functions in a single unit. The device comes with a wide range of attachments to perform various tasks like sawing, sanding, grinding, cutting and polishing. These attachments include saw blades of different sizes and shapes, grinding discs and sanding pads. The multi-tool is majorly used for restoration and installation jobs and even for home improvement projects. It has other multiple uses such as trim and flush cutting, repairing, cabinet installation, drywall cut-outs and rust removal from metals.
6. Electric Screwdrivers – It is a lightweight device used for tightening and loosening the screws in your house space. It runs on rechargeable batteries and not a power cable cord. This tool is also helpful in assembling the disintegrated furniture, woodworking task or fixing something on your home wall. The electric screwdriver is very convenient to use as the device comes with a forward/reverse setting option. Some of its advantages include safety, efficiency and convenience.
Power tools are known for their features like power, smoothness and precision. Also, they provide a high level of torque. The tools discussed above are suitable for all DIYers, and you can grab them for your home improvement projects as well. So, start picking your choice of power tools and complete your task in less time and efforts.

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