Many factors can lead to kitchen remodeling. You can decide to remodel your kitchen because you wish to upgrade some features, expand the kitchen space or upgrade some appliances that have been outdated due to technological advancement.
As easy as kitchen remodeling looks, there are some mistakes you must avoid. In this piece, you will be getting tips on common kitchen remodeling mistakes and how to avoid the pitfall.

1) Not putting appliance first
Don’t make the mistake of buying cabinets before appliances. Some people make the mistake of purchasing furniture before buying appliances, only to realize the fittings are not compatible with the appliance. Instead, your first move should be buying the appliance, then fittings.
2) Putting floor installation first
If you are remodeling your kitchen, you should expect a lot of foot traffic. Putting floor installation ahead will make the new fixed floor wear out on time due to human traffic, dragging of heavy appliances, or dropping items.
3) Overspending on appliances and cabinets
No doubt, buying the latest and advanced appliances will transform the face of your kitchen. But in the same vein, you should not break your spending limit. You can always get appliances that can fit into your budget and still meet your kitchen needs. The same goes for cabinets. You should always consider your budget before going for any wardrobe. What makes your appliance and cabinet serve for a long period is not the price value but your maintenance culture.
4) Not making plans for lighting
You need light for smooth operation anywhere. Every part of your home needs an adequate light setting. Whenever you are remodeling your kitchen, don’t make the mistake of ignoring proper light sources. You will be doing a lot of activities there like washing, cutting, and baking. For you to achieve an excellent result for any of these activities, you need proper light settings.
5) Not measuring right
Some homeowners always ignore the golden rule of measuring twice and cutting once. Measurement is not what you should guess or apply commonsensical methods to. Before you buy a refrigerator, measure where it will be placed to avoid purchasing an appliance bigger or small to the corresponding position.
6) Not leveling the floor
You will lay the floor, but leveling the floor should always come first. Failure to level the floor will create an imbalance in your kitchen. If your kitchen floor is not level, the counter will be affected negatively.
7) Failure to consult your insurance before a major upgrade
If you are upgrading some of your appliances, extending your kitchen size, or adding some features as part of your remodeling drive, you should not keep your insurance agent in the dark. Communication is key between you and your agent. Ask your agent to reevaluate your current insurance policy to know if it covers your new kitchen upgrade.
Kitchen remodeling requires proper planning. Before you decide to buy appliances and cabinets, you should have a decent budget. However, don’t make the mistake of not reaching out to your insurance agent for up-to-date details on the current state of your policy. Unless you have experience renovating kitchens on your own, it is best to enlist the services of a kitchen renovations expert to help you plan and design your new kitchen. The tips that have been listed here will offer great value to you when remodeling your kitchen.

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Nancy Whitman is a commercial manager for leading Gold Coast based kitchen renovation specialist, Kitchen Builders Queensland.

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