Invicara, a provider of solutions for building information modeling (BIM), recently unveiled BIM Assure 1.3, with new features focused on expanding access to building data.

The new features give heightened access to anyone and everyone dealing with building information, all of which include professionals in architecture, engineering, construction and building operations.

The BIM data platform helps owners get better control over their building data throughout its entire lifecycle.

“In the past, my owner clients have struggled with limited access to BIM data, and they’ve always asked, ‘How do I know my data is right?’ With BIM Assure, I can help my clients easily get access to models and data throughout design and construction.”

BIM Assure’s new capabilities include:

  • Focused data access with BIM Assure slices: Building models are often large and complicated, which makes it difficult to get to the data needed for specific workflows. BIM Assure’s slices help project teams focus on the parts of the building and the data relevant to them. For example, designers, contractors, and FMs can focus on assets that require maintenance planning and managing key data such as equipment manufacturer and model, installation, and warranty dates.
  • Support for IFC BIM Data Standard: BIM Assure now supports the IFC specification developed and maintained by buildingSMART International. Project teams often use many different tools to generate the data that owners need. BIM Assure’s IFC support allows AEC firms publish data from the best tools for their workflow and provide owners with a broader, more complete data set at handover.
  • Enhanced reporting: BIM Assure’s enhanced Element Reports export building information in Excel spreadsheets, making it easier to import validated, complete data into FM software.

For more information about BIM Assure, visit the Invicara web site here

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