AbstractIndustrialized construction has garnered attention in the construction industry owing to the economic benefits resulting from the reduction in time of project delivery, the enhancement of quality control, and an increase in labor productivity. The adoption of industrialized construction might require a change in the business processes and delivery methods. These changes are often costly and could be unsuccessful without careful instruction. The objective of this study is to provide a practical framework for shifting the operational model from conventional construction to industrialized construction. A structured case survey was designed to collect data from companies with high utilization of offsite strategies. The results were used to design a maturity framework for adopting industrialized construction technology. The proposed framework evaluates industrialized construction capability in technological, functional, and organizational components, and provides strategies to improve the technology adoptions in four stages of explore, initiate, control, and optimize. The outcome of this study addresses the problem of immature process models in construction companies and facilitates the employment of industrialized construction practices.

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