AbstractBridges experience regular inspections from transport agencies/authorities periodically. However, current approaches for the storage and visualization of inspection-related data are often restricted to spreadsheets and inspection reports and cannot sufficiently support open building information modeling (BIM) processes. This research proposes an industry foundation classes (IFC)-based method to document and represent inspection-related information in bridge BIM models. Specifically, the geometry of defects, including spatial placement and shape representation, was modeled parametrically. Interrelationships between defects and other IFC entities (e.g., bridge elements, root causes, and maintenance actions) were represented. The proposed method was validated on a concrete highway bridge, with two scenarios designed to illustrate its capability to support cause diagnosis and maintenance decision making. The interoperability of the proposed method across different BIM tools was evaluated as well. This work demonstrates the parametric-driven representation of defect information based on the latest IFC, facilitating an integrated BIM environment for the lifecycle management of civil assets.

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