Summary: As governments lose control of their subjects and become the fierce beasts of prey that Daniel foresaw, we see another reason why the Bible is the #1 best-selling book of all times. It offers insights to every area of life, including the geopolitical scene.   Historically Babylon was a city that became an empire. It was conquered by Medo-Persia, then Grecia conquered Medo-Persia. Later Rome conquered Greece. That history fits imagery of those kingdoms represented by the four beasts in Daniel’s prophecy of the Bible. They were a lion with eagles wings, a bear, a leopard with four heads and a dragon with 10 horns that had three horns uproots by a little horn.   The clues in Daniel 7 fit those kingdoms as Daniel foretold, but Daniel was also sealed until the time of the end when we can see a re-application with the UK/US as a lion with eagle’s wings, the bear of Russia, the leopard with four heads could be China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the dragon with 10 horns and a little [papal] horn that uprooted three would again be Europe with the Vatican, Daniel 7:25.   The Bible recognizes the cultural assimilation of conquering kingdoms as Holy Roman Empire grew out of the dragon beast of pagan Rome and is an amalgamation of Daniel’s four beasts in Revelation 13. It has a mouth like a lion, feet like a bear, looked like a leopard, and has the total of 7 heads and 10 horns from Daniel 7. Early American’s recognized this beast in Revelation 13 as Old World Order that they fled for freedom in the New World.   Then comes a beast with two horns like a lamb (symbol of Christ) but no crowns on the horns imply a government without a king and a church without a pope—Protestant America. It emerges from the “earth” where all previous beasts came from the sea. The Bible explains itself to those who become familiar with it. The sea decodes as peoples and nations multitudes, Rev 17:15.   But this “lamb-like beast” speaks like a dragon (Rome in Daniel 7). It causes fire to come down from heaven (Hiroshima?) and it causes the world to make an image [look-alike] to the previous Old World Order. New World Order (headquartered in the UN) is the goal of many politicians. It will be like the Old World Order when Catholic nations vote as the priest tells them. Why would this be of interest to US tax-payers? Because every country south of our border is poverty stricken, and the pope wants the US to share its wealth while he keeps the gold!    The papal agenda includes gun control. Guns have kept this nation safe from tyranny but martial law can change everything towards one world government under the pope. This brings us to the prophetic picture in Revelation 17 where a woman rides (guides and controls) the New World Order beast. It says she’s in bed with kings (governments) and is decked in gold (wealthy) and scarlet (color of cardinals), and drunken with the blood of saints (those who protested).   This “mother of harlots (mother church) and abominations” was also behind World War I and II as seen in The Godfathers that can be read online, written by Alberto Rivera, a Jesuit priest who paid the ultimate price for his expose’. Readers can Google his name, book title and “read online,” or click here–amazing!   America has sinned and gets payback from radical Islam, just as Persia conquered Babylon in 538 BC. America is not Babylon of Revelation 17, but we have allowed Babylon’s ideology to infliltrate our government, going against our Constitution, favoring illegal immigration with those who will vote for the pope and New World Order.   The cloud over America has a silver lining, but we’ve become illiterate by preferring TV while ignoring the all-time best-seller, the Bible. Like the cornflake ad–”Taste it again for the first time!”   Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose interest in retirement is Bible prophecy. He offers more information at and an ebook, Apocalypse 2015–also on Amazon.
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