AbstractAn active type of upgraded tuned liquid column damper (AUTLCD) based on hedge-algebras (HA) theory is proposed to mitigate structural vibrations of seismic-excited buildings in this paper. The AUTLCD consists of an upgraded tuned liquid column damper (UTLCD) and an actuator to generate the control force, in which UTLCD is constituted by a traditional tuned liquid column damper (TLCD) fixed on an undamped tuned mass damper (TMD). In this study, the HA-based-on controllers are used to determine the value of control force through the state variables, including the displacement and velocity of the floor installing the actuator. This approach allows one to find the optimal parameters of UTLCD and the HA-based controller. The balancing composite motion optimization (BCMO), a novel and potential algorithm, is utilized for optimization problems in the paper. The effectiveness of AUTLCD is compared with an active tuned liquid column damper (ATLCD) having the same weight as the AUTLCD. The results obtained from this research indicate that AUTLCD is more effective than ATLCD for aspects of control performance and average control force. Furthermore, although the optimal HA controller is only designed for the El Centro earthquake data in 1940, it still offers a high-efficiency level for many other earthquakes. In addition, the HA-based controller also makes sure the system’s stability in the operating process.

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