Many owners of apartments and private houses install two front doors. The first is the main one, in most cases metal, which performs a protective function. The second door is an additional one, which forms an air thermal “cushion” in the free space between the two structures. In this article, we will consider the importance of installing a second entrance door, what materials and designs are, how to choose and install. What is the second front door for? The second additional entrance doors performs several useful functions at once, which is always viewed from the predominant side. Second door advantages: 1. Provides additional thermal insulation. The second door keeps warmth in the house well and does not let cold air from the street coming through the first. 2. Improves sound insulation of the living space. 3. Double slab does not let unpleasant odors from the street or from the entrance. 4. Additional protection against hacking. Attackers will have to spend twice as much time opening an apartment or house with two entrance doors, which means that the chances of losing property in the course of unlawful penetration of unauthorized persons into the home are practically zero. 5. Additional entrance doors are especially recommended for installation in private houses. You can equip the second slab with a mosquito net, which will allow you to open the front door for airing during the summer season, without letting harmful insects into the house. Construction requirements When choosing a second sheet for a house or apartment, you need to focus on the main indicators of a quality door: reliability, burglar resistance, high insulating characteristics. If there is a need to create additional protection for the house against intruders, choose designs with good locking mechanisms. How to choose an additional entry door? In order for the second door to fully protect the house from burglaries, extraneous noise, drafts and unpleasant odors, you need to choose a high-quality design. Which slabs are optimal for installation: • high-strength metal doors with solid wood, laminate or MDF finish; • doors made of natural wood. Installation of the second entrance door in the apartment You can install the second front door in the apartment yourself, but this will require some knowledge and experience. The installer of the structure needs to correctly calculate the distance between the two canvases, and then correctly install the product in the doorway, so that each door functions flawlessly and opens opposite to each other. The installed handles on each door must not touch during operation. On our website, you can order a highly reliable entrance metal door with a beautiful design to choose from for installation as a second or main leaf. Doors & More guarantee: 1. a large selection of ready-made structures at affordable prices; 2. affordable prices for custom-made doors according to the customer’s sketches; 3. fast and high-quality installation work; 4. individual approach; 5. warranty service.
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