AbstractThis case study describes an evaluation of the existing conditions of a concrete floor in an industrial hall located in Poland. The areas requiring improvement due to poor workmanship, as well as the age of the floor, were identified. The second part of the study is devoted to the procedure of making an innovative epoxy coating modified with granite powder, which is based on the authors’ previously published research. The analysis describes the effects of adding 10% to 60% (graded every 10%) of the powder. The primary aim of the tests was to obtain the highest possible pull-off strength. Compared to the reference sample, the highest increase in strength, 18%, was obtained with the addition of 20% granite powder. Moreover, resistance to thermal shock, one of the most important parameters of epoxy floors, was also analyzed and discussed. Standard coatings are typically not resistant to thermal shock, but the innovative coating proposed in this study allows for increased resistance by up to several dozen percent. The relationship between the amount of granite powder added and the limit value of thermal shock resistance is presented in the article. The novelty of the case study involves the proposal of a comprehensive procedure of renovating floors, including the assessment of their condition, the repair methods, their surface strengthening, and the presentation of the characteristics of the new coating.

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