AbstractTo maintain underground utilities in a safe condition, the need for a comprehensive management and maintenance system is becoming more prominent. There are several problems with the current operation maintenance applications in underground utilities, including the lack of a digitalized 3D model with a comprehensive database for dynamically editing data on the site. This research proposes a pipeline operation and maintenance management system (POMMS) by employing building information modeling (BIM), geographic information system (GIS), and augmented reality (AR) and integrating various project information sources through application programming interface (API) and cloud database. This system can facilitate decision-making by more realistic 3D visualizations, enhanced integration of construction, geographic and inspection information, and efficient data retrieval. The proposed system is applied to an actual project to validate its efficiency. In this research, two scenarios and one survey were conducted to investigate the performance of POMMS. The case study and survey results indicates POMMS’s efficiency in improving data collection, communication among stakeholders, and perception of as-built subsurface utility map while unfolding several crucial challenges and limitations of real-world implementation of the system.

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