AbstractWith the rapid development of utility tunnels, fire safety after construction is increasingly important, especially in the cable compartment. An intelligent fire detection method based on the particle swarm optimization algorithm was proposed for fire state estimation of the utility tunnel, including the fire source location, the maximum temperature value, and the temperature attenuation coefficient. Additionally, a corresponding sensor optimization strategy was also established. The dispersion coefficient of the fire source location was defined as the judgment criteria of sensor optimization. The validity of the proposed algorithm and the sensor optimization strategy were demonstrated in the application of a full-scale experimental example. The maximum errors of the identified fire source location and the maximum temperature value after sensor optimization were 34.7164 m and 8.5403°C, respectively. The total number of temperature sensors was reduced by more than 50%. The proposed intelligent fire detection algorithm can provide precise guidance for fire protection and extinguishing plan. Particularly, the sensor optimization strategy can economize the cost of temperature sensors.

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