AbstractThe amount of natural gas consumption varies in different seasons. Demand for natural gas reaches its peak in winter because it is exceedingly used at homes and there is misbalance between the supply and demand of this gas. Thus, it is essential to use a gaseous alternative fuel to keep on transferring gas to consumers (homes, industries, and power plants), prevent cutting gas to industrial centers and power plants at the consumption peak, and also compensate for gas deficits and cover consumption excess in cold seasons. In consequence, this research aims to scrutinize the effects of injecting gaseous hydrocarbons heavier than methane as a gaseous alternative fuel on transferring lines and the equipment of the gas compressor station (separator, compressor, and air cooler). In this simulation, a part of the Iran Gas Trunkline (IGAT) VIII from the output of the gas compressor station of Kheirgoo to the input of the gas compressor station of Khavaran with a length of 245 km and with gas compressor stations Khonj and Jahrom on the way has been considered. The simulation results indicated that the injection of gaseous hydrocarbons heavier than methane does not affect the operation of pipeline and the separator, but it influences the efficient consumption of compressor and air cooler. The objective of this research can be achieved by the presented alternatives and making any or the least changes in the structure of the pipeline and the equipment of gas compressor station.

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