AbstractThe intelligent management of infrastructure is crucial to maintain structural stability. Although much more attention has been paid to the development of intelligent systems, the cooperation and efficiency of different components in the system is still a remaining problem. Along this line, an optimized intelligent information system (IIS) driven by big-data technology is proposed for the smart management of infrastructure. First, the integration framework of IIS is proposed, including data collection and storage, data analysis, and data expression modules. According to this framework, the remaining problems existing in each component are pointed out and the corresponding optimization measures are given. Especially for the processing technology of massive monitoring data, some trained machine learning algorithms are introduced for data analysis. As a case study, the devised system was adopted in an underwater shield tunnel for real-time monitoring, big data analysis, and information visualization. The intelligent system and advanced data-driven models presented in this study are suitable for most infrastructures, affording useful smart management experience and data processing technology for other underground projects and promoting the intelligent development of civil engineering.

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