AbstractMaintenance operations embrace all parts of the building, such as structural and architectural parts, mechanical and electrical installations, and how they are serviced, including the most detailed to the most sensitive components in the building. This research uses the Delphi method and prepares a questionnaire with the construction industry experts’ opinions to determine the main criteria. The purpose of this article is to identify and prioritize the effective indicators for the building maintenance system and determine the most appropriate strategy for this system using multicriteria decision making methods. The proposed method first calculates the weight of the indicators and then prioritizes the indicators based on fuzzy and nonfuzzy multicriteria decision-making methods. Finally, the final rankings of the indices were calculated using the mean rank and final ranking methods. According to the review of all methods, it was found that safety, health and accessibility indices are the first to third priorities, respectively. Finally, by examining the results obtained from a case study (Karaj City, Iran) and examining the experts’ opinions, it was found that the obtained results are different and the corrective maintenance (CM) and breakdown maintenance (BM) strategies are the most appropriate.

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