AbstractThis technical note introduces a computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-based semiautomated flow rating methodology for hydraulic structures in South Florida. The approach uses the ANSYS Workbench, CFD code FLUENT, IronPython, and Visual Basic programming languages to incorporate the CFD flow data generation process into a semiautomated interactive flow rating platform. The framework includes multiple functions such as overall flow rating status, interactive planning of boundary conditions, automated CFD flow data generation, and hybrid flow rating development using field measurements and CFD-generated flow results. The platform can reduce the complexity of CFD application to flow data generation, optimize central processing unit (CPU) usage, greatly reduce simulation times, and significantly improve flow rating analysis efficiency for the water control structures maintained and operated by the South Florida Water Management District. About 30%–40% simulation time was saved by reducing CPU idle time and automizing geometry adjustments and mesh regeneration. In addition, a 40%–50% reduction in manual work for rating development was achieved with the approach presented.

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