AbstractPrefabrication and modularization have attracted much attention in building construction, and they are becoming increasingly important for the betterment of society. To fully benefit from prefabricated and modular construction, the application of artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR) is widely recognized as essential, but it has not yet been systematically studied. This paper aims to explore future research directions on AIR for prefabricated and modular construction through a systematic literature review drawing on a concept–methodology–value philosophical framework. The analysis involves 97 published journal articles carefully identified through the Web of Science and Scopus databases. The review specifically addresses four research questions aligned with the framework to synthesize previous research activities, and the paper proposes five directions that depict future research and practices: integrated AIR for large-scale modularization, multi-dimensional project management, intelligent postconstruction management, interdisciplinarity and interoperability, and moving beyond technical solutions. The findings and the philosophical framework should benefit succeeding exploration and practice in the field.

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