AbstractMaintenance and the deicing of pavement are of significance for pavement service life and safety. This study designed asphalt cement (AC)-5 and stone matrix asphalt (SMA)-5 asphalt mixtures with steel fiber and steel slag, which are the materials of a functional ultrathin friction course. It is expected to be used for the maintenance and induction heating on asphalt pavement. Mechanical performance, such as skid resistance, interface shear resistance, semicircular bending (SCB), and corresponding fatigue tests, were investigated. In addition, the induction heating efficiency conducted at different distances was tested as well. The results show that SMA-5 showed better skid resistance than AC-5. Steel fiber raised the interface shear strength of AC-5 but reduced that of SMA-5. Fracture displacements of SMA-5 at the interface were lower than that of AC-5. Steel fiber-enhanced cracking resistance of SMA-5, while steel slag showed a negative effect. Fatigue properties of basalt-based SMA-5 showed a rising trend along with the increasing steel fiber. The distance between the mixture and magnetic coil showed a negative effect on induction heating efficiency.

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