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We often forget how our homes affect our well-being. They should be our sanctuaries and finally, wellness companies have started paying attention to details and furnishings that make a relaxing home. With a bit of effort, every room in your home can provide you with peace and comfort.
Bedroom – a little private oasis
1. Bedrooms are rooms where our body and minds recover, so you need a breath of fresh air in there all the time. A good way to ensure it is to have a hardwood floor. Opt for solid hardwood, not an engineered one because it ensures the best air quality. It’s best if you avoid carpets in the bedroom because the materials most of them are made of release toxins in the years to come.
2. It’s still unclear how aromatherapy helps your well-being but it sure does. Add a couple of scented candles and essential oils in the bedroom. Lavender is the best choice here because it encourages sleep and relaxation. Others like bergamot, rose, and sandalwood are also known to decrease depression and have a calming effect.
3. Pillow is highly important for good night sleep. You should get the one that suits your sleep style, namely the one optimized for side, back or for stomach sleepers. You can also get a pillow specifically designed for people suffering from allergies or sleep apnea.
Bathroom – spa and relaxation room
4. This is the room where we get to wash away all the bad feelings and feel the many benefits of water. The light can be smoothly incorporated here if you consider chromo-therapy. It’s a set of color-changing LED lights fitted into the bath which helps adjust body vibration to improve health and bring harmony.
5. No need to have only plain, smooth surfaces in the bathroom. Add some color and texture to the room. Greens are associated with relaxation while blues have a soothing effect.
6. Create a feeling of comfort in every way possible – install a smart rain shower which will massage you with gentle pressure. Install heated towel racks and floors to have full control of the temperature in the room.
7. Gentle background music can help you move into a meditative state. Isochronic tones and binaural beats are great for suppressing the noise in your mind. Install a sound system or a dedicated radio so that you don’t have to worry about your phone getting wet.
Living room – to live and to enjoy
8. Become one with nature even when you’re inside your home. Organize the areas of the living room so that you get to enjoy most of the sunlight. For example, identify the area of the living room where the light is at its best and put a reading nook there so that sunlight pours behind you while you’re reading.
9. When choosing furniture, choose between circular or square elements based on what you want to achieve. Square furniture makes you want to be still and relaxes you (perfect for the sofa or a large armchair) while round furniture elicits your energy (great for the breakfast table or a working desk).
10. Luxury items like comfortable lift chair recliners soothe sore muscles and have a calming effect. They are a perfect item for a relaxing evening after a stressful workday. Rugs and blankets should also be of high-quality – use organic cotton so that your skin can breathe underneath it, while decorative cushions shouldn’t be stuffed if you have allergies.
11. If you want indoor plants, but you are afraid you can’t take care of a lot of them, opt for just one tall plant, such as a fiddle-leaf fig tree. You can place it in the corner and let it grow freely (it can grow up to seven feet).
Kitchen – a paradise of tastes and scents
12. You need positive triggers here, so always keep your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy food and snacks. Keeping fresh flowers in the room inspires healthy eating as well, while it also makes you want to spend more time there.
13. Fresh herbs and spices in the kitchen are a must. Place them along the windowsill or use one side of the wall to hang them in containers there. Many of them are very easy to take care of, especially basil and mint.
14. Clutter is very frequent in the kitchen, so get rid of things you don’t really need. Everything that you choose to leave should be kept in glass containers (better than in plastic) and organized in a way so that things you use on a daily basis are always within your reach.
The terrace – the place where indoor and outdoor connect
15. This area is soothing even if you don’t do a lot – the fresh air and greenery will do the trick. However, the details are what will make it a true oasis. Large, comfortable furnishings with soft cushions will motivate you to spend as much time outside as you can.
16. Having any kind of sun protection (a big sun umbrella or any form of roofing) will also allow you to be on the terrace whenever you feel like it.
17. Take the comfort to another level by installing a swing or a cozy fireplace – there are numerous sizes and types today, suitable for any terrace. You’ll really feel spoiled.
Final words
Your home should be the reflection of your well-being but it should also encourage your wellness. Make every detail and every piece of furniture count – each and every item should have a positive purpose and add to the feeling of comfort.

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