When it comes to basement insulation, the SFI application does it all with one install – it seals a given space totally airtight – it provides very high R-Values per installed inch – and it enhances structural strength wherever installed. And while SFI is regarded as a premium installation, the substantial energy savings in winter and summer will serve to “pay down” the original project cost. All things considered, this is one of the most cost effective approaches for homeowners who are seriously planning their basement insulation.

Basements are part of a home, which can be used as a storage or as a recreational space. Basements should be constructed and designed to be dry and conditioned. A dry basement is less likely to have termites and pests. If you want to use your basement as living space then it should be kept dry to avoid dust mites and mold.
The role of insulation is to seal the air so your basement will no longer be freezy during winter and hot during summer. The more stable the temperatures are in the basements, the more stable will the temperatures be throughout your home! 
Benefits of insulating your basement:
No more cold floors in the winter
Greater stability in the indoor temperature
Reduced “stack effect”
Lower heating & cooling costs
Fewer indoor drafts
If performed properly, insulating your house with spray foam insulation will be a long term investment that will affect positively on your monthly bills.
Why Ecostar?
EcoStar’s insulation team strives to provide the best quality products and the highest standard of expertise. Our professionalism and experience goal is that you never have to worry about anything less than thorough and complete workmanship. Our professionals will guide you from the consultation to the execution stage. Contact us for your free estimate.
You can also contact us at our other accessory site, and online courses.

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For the team at EcoStar Insulation, providing the best quality products and the highest standard of workmanship is the ultimate formula for customer satisfaction. In short, it pays to do it right.

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