As a homeowner, few things are as rewarding as being able to look at some aspect of your property and think, “I fixed that”, or “I made that”. But while DIY is a great and affordable way to keep our homes properly maintained, there are some jobs that just should never be attempted without the proper training or experience. Without a doubt, one of these is basement waterproofing. Philadelphia experts say that more than perhaps any other part of your home, your basement’s structural integrity is crucial to keeping your house safe and habitable. Some jobs in this part of the house might seem simple and routine, but their simplicity can often be hiding a much larger problem that only an expert should tackle. Carrying out small fixes in basement waterproofing can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Below, we cover some of the main reasons you should be calling in the experts instead of trying it out yourself. While it might seem like a simple job on the surface, digging out the required areas around your property can be a very dangerous undertaking. Not only do teams of professionals carry this work out quickly and efficiently, they do so with the experience that keeps them safe. If you carry this work out in an untrained way you could risk the trench caving in on you and you could also even risk hitting a water or a gas line – something the experts would be able to avoid. It may seem like a minor point, but contracting a team of trained individuals means that their work will come with a quality guarantee. If anything goes wrong with it in the future you won’t be left to foot the bill for repair. If you’re doing the work yourself, any errors you make will be yours to pay for. You might have already started the excavation stage of your basement waterproofing job yourself, and feel like you can’t go wrong from here. However, when it comes to an area of your house that is so structurally important, the choice and types of materials used can make a big difference. To an untrained eye, different types of the same product might seem interchangeable, but their improper use could have dire consequences. Even if you think you’ve completed a successful DIY basement waterproofing job, you’ll never be completely sure that the work you did is having the desired consequences. Not only can this give you a false sense of security, but you may have made the problem worse without knowing it – leading to more drastic and urgent repairs at a later date. The task of basement waterproofing is best left to the experts for a number of reasons, not least your safety and the safety and structural integrity of your home. It may be tempting to see the DIY option as the cheaper alternative, but there is every chance your lack of experience in this area could end up costing you more in the long run. Work of such a complex and specialized nature should always be done by a team of trained, reputable professionals. Nick Iskenian is a local resident of New Jersey and the owner and founder of Best Choice Waterproofing. The company provides effective, professional quality solutions for damp problems, carrying out foundation repairs and basement waterproofing, Philadelphia. If your home is suffering from water seepage, mildew, damp, cracks, warping, paint peeling or a range of other issues, their highly trained field operators have the skills and experience to solve the problem.
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