AbstractA key challenge in designing algorithms for leakage detection and isolation in drinking water distribution systems is the performance evaluation and comparison between methodologies using benchmarks. For this purpose, the Battle of the Leakage Detection and Isolation Methods (BattLeDIM) competition was organized in 2020 with the aim to objectively compare the performance of methods for the detection and localization of leakage events, relying on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) measurements of flow and pressure sensors installed within a virtual water distribution system. Several teams from academia and the industry submitted their solutions using various techniques including time series analysis, statistical methods, machine learning, mathematical programming, met-heuristics, and engineering judgment, and were evaluated using realistic economic criteria. This paper summarizes the results of the competition and conducts an analysis of the different leakage detection and isolation methods used by the teams. The competition results highlight the need for further development of methods for leakage detection and isolation, and also the need to develop additional open benchmark problems for this purpose.

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