Industrial wastewater treatment is a serious issue for many businesses across multiple sectors. From the metalworks industry to food and drink manufacturers, and from healthcare to vehicle production, wastewater (or effluent) is something that needs serious consideration. Depending on what activity your business carries out, the contaminants in your water will vary and this is one area in which you definitely want the advice of experts. While it is perfectly possible to adopt a standardised system for your wastewater treatment, company operations are different between organisations, even when they are in the same sector. For this reason, a one-size-fits-all approach might not necessarily work for you. Thankfully, engaging a professional wastewater treatment company means that you can have a tailored solution that suits your business and your needs down to the ground. Below we’ve outlined some of the reasons you might want to think about going bespoke. A tailored system put together by an expert in the treatment of effluent can provide plant and technology in ways that don’t always go together in standard approaches. Methods of cleansing can be combined and adjusted in accordance with your particulars. For example, if you weren’t able to store chemicals on-site that were required for a standard approach, going bespoke would mean a different option (such as reverse osmosis) could be employed instead. When going with a standard approach there can be significant cost savings, but these can often come with hidden dangers. An example of this is when second-hand plant is purchased for use in a particular effluent treatment. There is the possibility that the plant might not be right for your contaminants, or for the type of cleansing that is being undertaken at your site. You might also come across plant that is damaged or not working as it should. With bespoke systems, a wastewater treatment company can build exactly what is required, meaning a greatly reduced chance that the systems will fail and cost you the money you thought you’d saved! One of the best aspects of getting a bespoke system is the presence of an expert who will come to your place of business. They will make sure they have the details needed to provide an excellent solution that is tailored to you. It won’t only take into account the type of system required, but also the space and other logistical factors that might make adjustments necessary or beneficial. Now you know a little more about what kind of bespoke solutions a wastewater treatment company can provide, you might want to engage a reputable one to provide the advice and start the process. It’s very important to opt for an organisation that has lots of experience and with a high standing in the industry, as this is one area you definitely won’t want to skimp on. Once your bespoke system is in place you’ll start enjoying the benefits of regulatory compliance, efficiency and money saving that come with an expertly designed and installed system. Sean Clifford is an advisor at AllWater Technologies Ltd, a wholly independent wastewater treatment company providing consultation and equipment, including reverse osmosis water systems. Bringing together a host of experience and specialist knowledge, the company is committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships and creating maximum value and benefit for their customers.
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