Large wall tiles are getting extremely popular nowadays in residential applications. The large wall tiles bring a luxurious touch to your bathroom. The reason for its high demand is the spaciousness it offers, less maintenance and minimal grout lines. A 12” tile would have been regarded as a large format tile ten years ago. But nowadays, a tile is considered a large format tile if any tile is greater than 15”. These tiles come in rectangular and square shapes. Travertine, marble, granite, porcelain and limestone are the preferred choices as it gives an exotic look to the bathroom. Minimal Grout Lines: The eye-catching design element in large format tile is the less grout area. It provides more coverage which helps in achieving a crisp and unified look. This creates a wallpaper effect because of the minimal grout lines. Large-format tiles will serve as a good alternative for walls instead of wallpaper and paints. Take into consideration the grout joint width between your tiles during installation. Less Maintenance Means Less Cleaning: Since large format tiles have fewer grout lines, cleaning the tiles will be easy, resulting in less maintenance. Whether it’s a wall or floor tile, grout cleaning is always challenging. Cleaning grout lines has always been a time-consuming process, but that’s not the case in large format tile. Modern Aesthetic Design: The sleek and contemporary design of these tiles brings an aesthetic look to your bathroom. With the advancements in digital printing technology, the large format porcelain tiles can bring the look of natural stone, concrete, metal, wood or even fabrics. So with a variety of large format tiles, it’s now easy to create a sleek, modern and clean aesthetic look. It makes the bathroom look bigger with the minimal grout lines, which often distracts your eyes. Using large format tiles horizontally in your bathroom creates the illusion of space being wider. Vertically installing large format tiles will give an exaggerated look. Only a Little Time Spent on Installation: Another great advantage of using large format tiles is, it reduces the installation time. Since the larger porcelain tiles require only a small number of sheets, making it easier to assemble tiles, reducing installation time. Keep these things in mind when you plan to design your bathroom with large format tiles. If you are planning to use large format tile for your bathroom, hire professionals like Marble Plus Outdoor Tiles Sydney. With their vast experience in this field, they can guide you through this entire process with no effort. Being Australia’s one of the biggest suppliers of stone and tile, they know which tiles work best for this design. When it comes to Outdoor Tiles Sydney and Brisbane, it pays to trust the experts. As a preferred Outdoor Tiles Suppliers in Brisbane, Our knowledge of Australia’s harsh climate’s means we’ll suggest the best option for your next project.
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