When you are entering into your new home, it should be classic and totally decorative such that people seeing it will instantly fall in love with. 

If you are reading this article, you are surely interested in knowing what type of curtain length you should select for decorating your brand new home.
Here are simple yet superb tips letting you know what type of curtains you need to choose and when depending upon your room ambience. Let’s start our journey of painting your lavish home with delightful curtains!
Floor Curtain length
If you are a fine wine person who like styles and decoration that are clean and polished, you and your house is a type of Floor curtain length person. It gives your home a gentle firm look that is classic in nature. This curtain will make your window look big and room to be taller.
These Floor curtain length stand ½” above the floor and as it do not touch the floor; it stands perfectly straight and stylish. These set of curtains can go well with living room, family room or even hall, describing your class and sophistication.
Trouser Curtain length
Trouser is of the height of 2” more than the length of floor which describes sophisticated and tailored presentation. It gives you an effortless yet beautiful look to your new home.
You can put a crisp and thick fabric in it which will go hand in hand with bedroom, dining room and even your hall, describing its fancy style.
Puddle Curtain length
For a luxurious and a dramatic look to your brand room hall, get yourself a puddle curtain length drapes which is 6 to 10 “ more than the length of the floor, lying in the floor showing a royal and lavish look.
These curtains go best with a tall window which is not used to open and close in a regular basis.
Apron Curtain length
Apron Curtains are the cute playful curtains that are placed a bit low than the window frame of almost 1” such that it gives the room an open and light-up ambiance. A good part of it is these curtains are one of the low maintenance curtains which won’t take up dust and dart for the floor.
The best place to fit it is to attach somewhere where furniture or radiator has the possibility to block the natural light. It will enhance and brighten up the room.
Sill Curtain length
If you want your home to have a casual yet charming look, you can go forward with sill curtain length where the height of the curtain is ½” above the window sill. These are the most popular and standard curtain length that most of the people admires, especially when you prefer your home to get decorated with shortest length of curtains.
They are the best curtain length with whom you can play with colors and prints. And as they are space fitting curtains, well you can go and experiment with bold colors. So, let your creativity come up and depict it in your room.
You can use it easily above small windows, windows above heaters or counters and it can easily go with heavy furniture that tends to block full length curtains’ appearance. The best place to showoff these beautiful curtains are putting them in kitchen and bathroom windows, which enhance its adorable look.
And thus by going along with this guidance, you can figure out easily what type of curtain and in which part of your new room it will complement the best. Hence, use your creativity, ideas and choose the curtain while decorating your beautiful new ‘Dream Home.’

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