Though the look of an interior and exterior part of a house is considered crucial, the driveway which leads to the house should also be given equal importance to display the hidden beauty along the path. Paving a driveway that matches the colour and house structure is essential to achieve the overall beauty of a property. Flamed Granite: Homeowners who don’t have budget constraints and want a classic premium looking driveway should consider this flamed granite. The surface of the granite is exposed to high-intensity flames to bring out the rough texture to make it suitable for vehicle movement. It gives a rustic faded look and can withstand high vehicular and foot traffic when compared to other materials like concrete or bricks. Natural Sandstone: Sandstone brings the look closest to nature and is known for its hard-wearing quality. These tiles can be found in most parts of India. Since it is a natural stone, sandstone can withstand heavy foot and vehicular traffic and also extreme weather conditions, which will be a perfect choice for driveways. The sandstone will eventually turn elegant when time flies by and ages very well. Terrazzo: Terrazzo slabs are sturdy and last longer, which homeowners always strive for when choosing tiles for driveways. The design of this terrazzo slab goes well with almost all kinds of building facades and are available as precast units. Terrazzo slabs consist of stone chips such as granite, quartz and marble and colouring agents, which are then poured on an existing concrete floor. Interlocking Pavers: As the name implies, the concrete interlocking Tiles lock onto each other, so there is no need for the mortar to install them. These tiles can be installed or removed easily while installing under the underground cables or pipes. Interlocking tiles are available in the form of rubber pavers which are highly slip-resistant and are made from recycled rubber. If you are looking for Tile suppliers sydney, contact MarblePlus. We can help you choose the best tiles to enhance the beauty of your driveway.
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