Since the living room is considered the attractive part of a house, homeowners should be more careful when choosing tiles. So while selecting tiles for the living room, homeowners should ensure that they look into all the aspects, from look and maintenance to durability. Tiles should match the look and feel of a house because if it looks out of place, then revamping is the only way and it will cost more. Solid Dense Flooring: Both porcelain and ceramic tiles may look almost identical, but porcelain tiles are slightly less porous and denser than Ceramic Tiles. For houses with pets and kids, porcelain tiles will be a better option since they can withstand more action, and it is easy to remove stains. Though porcelain tiles cost more than ceramic tiles, it lasts longer and mimics all types of different flooring materials out there in the market. Luxury Appeal Flooring: Homeowners who wish to bring a luxury look to their living room should consider natural stone tiles. Marble will be a good choice because it has this vein design on it and comes in a wide variety of tones and hues. Marble Tiles cut in any shape will deliver an exceptional beauty to any space in the house. Mosaic for A Textured Look: Many homeowners may not consider mosaic tiles for the living room thinking that they may look strange or odd. But mosaic tiles bring more of an artistry look to the space and add texture and colour which enhances the look of a room. For those who like their rooms lit with colours or colourful designs, a mosaic is a go-to option. Wood Look-Like Tile: A living room with hardwood floors without a doubt gives an unbeatable look but it is really hard to maintain and will get scratched easily. Instead, homeowners can go for porcelain wood look tile since they are more durable and are resistant to scratches and liquid penetration. If you are looking for Tile suppliers Brisbane, contact MarblePlus. Since we have immense experience in tile and stone imports, we can help you choose the best tiles for your home.
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