AbstractThe construction industry has been criticized for low productivity, lack of collaboration and information sharing, poor contract administration, and the like due to its decentralized and fragmented structure as well as sequential and chain-resembling nature. Recently, blockchain technology and its benefits have received wide attention and interest. This research synthesizes the research trends and needs of this growing area by means of a bibliometric-qualitative review method. Scopus and Web of Science were selected as the literature databases to retrieve relevant academic publications. Through a systematic literature search and screening, 181 related articles were identified for bibliometric analysis, and 149 publications were critically discussed in a qualitative review. The bibliometric results indicated the recent research regarding blockchain in construction is primarily directed into several clusters, such as “smart contract,” “Building Information Modeling (BIM),” “supply chain management,” “construction contract,” “construction and project management,” “digital twin,” and “smart city.” These clusters were further synthesized for a qualitative review revealing deep insight into research challenges and gaps. Both quantitative and qualitative review results were then mapped to the future directions. It was noted that future research needs to focus on (1) quantifying the cost-benefits of the blockchain applications in construction, e.g., return on investment, practitioners training, and improving industry readiness, (2) integration of blockchain with different project delivery systems, and (3) technology fusion with blockchain for construction management.

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