AbstractTo study a detour scheme after failure of an urban transit station, an urban transit network model is constructed by considering the reciprocal of urban transit line departure time interval as the weight. In accordance with the characteristics of the traffic flow, the network is studied under different time intervals: namely, morning, evening, and flat rush hours. First, an urban transit network topological characteristic index analysis model was constructed by combining ABC management method to identify the key elements of each indicator. Second, on the basis of the research on topological characteristic indicators, average path length and global efficiency of the network were used to measure the urban transit network connectivity, and an urban transit network station failure optimization scheme was designed. The optimization effect was judged by the changes in the two index values before and after the bus stop detour in accordance with the number of stations in the bypass area: namely, two stations, one station, and zero stations. Finally, the reliability of the model is studied, considering the urban transit network in Huangdao District of Qingdao. Through the analysis of node degree, second-order node degree, centrality, and other indicators, the urban transit network in Huangdao District of Qingdao was found to have evident small-world characteristics, and the top-ranking stations of node degree value and centrality index are mainly distributed in the new urban edge planning area and the urban center area. In addition, for stations with the same rank, the node centrality value at each time interval has the following order: morning rush hours > evening rush hours > flat rush hours. The top 10 urban transit stations with node degree value are selected as the failure stations for optimization analysis. Results show that the average shortest path length of the optimized network decreases, the global efficiency of the network increases, and the optimized scheme is reliable.

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