Modern Green Technology in Green Home Construction.

Building eco-friendly, green homes with ICF Walls technology and Icynene® insulation is approved by most major building codes in Florida. Energy Efficient (ICF) Insulated Concrete Forms are reinforced pored concrete 4″ Walls with 2.5″ polystyrene insulation inside and outside of the walls with R-47 effective value, which results in up to 70% energy savings on homeowner’s electric bills. Florida Green Home’s exterior walls are withstanding hurricane winds up to 200 mph.

Green (ICF) walls are asthma and allergy free. Air infiltration in ICF walls is drastically reduced, resulting in less pollutants and dust pollen. Insulated Concrete Forms walls do not contain chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, fiberglass, formaldehyde or asbestos. The homes having ICF walls are virtually have no mold, mildew, termites or insects. They are sound suppressing, dramatically reduce noise from the outside and have up to 4 hours rating of fire resistance which will protect people living inside in case of fire emergency.

Icynene® Spray Foam Insulation is a green building product that gives green homeowners many advantages – both: short and long-term. Today you are going to save on your low heating and cooling costs, tomorrow – it will become an important resale feature. Including energy-efficient upgrades as part of your home, you definitely increasing the altogether value of it by approx. twenty dollars for every one dollar reduction in your annual utility bill.

Icynene® is the only certified insulation by Envirodesic™ Certification Program, which is recognized for improving air quality in homes across North America, that’s why it is ‘the insulation of choice’ for high-profile projects such as the American Lung Association and Earth Craft House.™ Icynene® is a green, eco-friendly material that helps to improve the quality of the air. Use of Icynene® is reducing air leakage in homes and limiting the penetration on outdoor allergens and pollutants. With an asthma on a rise all homeowners, who build green homes for them and their families live in comfort knowing that their eco-friendly homes are built with above mentioned modern green technology in mind.

Guennadi Kisselev

Lic. Real Estate Broker

Vice President Florida Green Homes Marketing, LLC


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