AbstractAlthough smart technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution have the potential to improve the performance of industries by optimizing work processes and enhancing the work environment, the adoption of these technologies in the construction industry is still in its nascent stage. Hence, this study aims to (1) investigate the challenges in adopting smart technologies, (2) propose effective strategies to promote adoption of smart technologies, and (3) investigate whether there are significant differences in the perceptions of the challenges and strategies by organizations’ sizes and years of experience in the construction industry. To achieve the objectives, a comprehensive literature review and pilot interviews with industry experts were first conducted, followed by a survey and postsurvey interviews. The findings revealed that the top challenges faced are data and information sharing, regulatory compliance, and data ownership, while the most effective strategies are training of skilled construction workforce, provision of government incentives, and communication and change management. Furthermore, the criticality of regulatory challenges was perceived differently between organizations of different sizes. The findings provide a better understanding of the challenges faced and the strategies that have been perceived as effective by industry practitioners, which are essential starting points to develop a data-driven roadmap to drive the adoption of smart technologies to facilitate the digital transformation of the construction industry.

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