Basement moisture is a common issue. Unfortunately, if moisture is left to accumulate in your home for too long it could lead to myriad problems. Problems like mold, unpleasant odours, bacterial growth, and even rotting woodwork. Moisture and dampness can result from a number of different situations. One common cause of this kind of dampness is improper soil and drainage systems that prevent rain and groundwater from draining away properly. When water isn’t drained away effectively, it can accumulate around your home’s foundations and make its way inside your basement. Poorly maintained gutters that cause water to accumulate around foundations Foundations that slope towards (rather than away from) the house Hydrostatic pressure caused by water accumulating around foundations Excess condensation caused by dampness Cracks in the wall or floor that allow water to flow inside Luckily, when it comes to basement waterproofing, New Jersey offers some fantastic options. Choosing a professional firm to modify your house effectively will help you prevent these issues and save money long-term. So, what are some ways to effectively waterproof your basement? Interior waterproofing keeps moisture out of your home from the inside by using specialised sealants to prevent condensation from building up. This method is a relatively simple and cost-effective solution that can help fix and prevent further minor condensation and dampness issues before they get out of control. It’s important to note, however, that interior coatings are not a substitute for permanent waterproofing and will not hold up against major leaks or flooding. Another option is exterior waterproofing. This method involves blocking water from entering your home by treating outer walls with sealant coatings and optimizing exterior drainage systems. Exterior foundational walls are sealed using polymers and membranes, and water is redirected towards the system. This method is usually applied as a preventative measure, by skilled contractors, at the time of construction. Exterior treatments are typically more expensive than interior fixes, but the level of protection is far superior and will protect your home against more severe leaks or flooding. Drainage solutions are another option for protecting your home from moisture. Oftentimes, excess moisture in the basement is a direct result of a drainage issue. These systems redirect water away from your building’s foundations to prevent excess accumulations of moisture. Repairing an old or malfunctioning system is essential for keeping buildings dry. If you don’t have a drainage system at all, adding one is a must. When adding or repairing a drainage system it’s important to seek the help of a reliable firm, as each building’s foundations are different. You’ll need a solution that meets the requirements of your specific home. When it comes to choosing the right method of basement waterproofing, New Jersey has some excellent firms to consult. Remember that it’s always best to choose a reliable and recommended firm to ensure you get the best level of service and the best waterproofing solution for your home. Nick Iskenian is a local resident of New Jersey and the owner and founder of Best Choice Waterproofing. The company provides effective, professional quality solutions for damp problems, carrying out foundation repairs and basement waterproofing, New Jersey. If your home is suffering from water seepage, mildew, damp, cracks, warping, paint peeling or a range of other issues, their highly trained field operators have the skills and experience to solve the problem.
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