AbstractThe rapid adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) has brought new and emerging challenges for collaborative practices related to the significant amount of BIM data that must be managed and controlled. This study formulated a cloud-based BIM governance framework focusing on data management for collaborative practices with BIM in AEC organizations. The framework is composed of three major constructs: (1) data sharing and integration uses in BIM, in the cloud, and with communication; (2) collaborative team practices with members, with teams, and for goal commitments; and (3) data governance with respect to access, control, policies, and contracts. A survey among a broad spectrum of BIM and virtual design construction (VDC) practitioners from major AEC organizations in the United States was conducted to explore the validity of the constructs. The framework served as an instrument to identify the level of implementation of cloud-based BIM governance within construction industry professionals. The results revealed factors that require attention to enable successful and collaborative BIM operations using cloud computing infrastructure. The factors highlighted requirements for governing the collaboration process and management of data, paving the way for adopting better solutions using cloud computing platforms in BIM collaborative practices.

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