AbstractFragmented knowledge in the construction industry is impeding project operation and success. With useful information and communication technology, the industry can integrate such fragmented knowledge and increase its performance, leading to successful project execution. Strategic implementation of digital technologies such as cloud computing (CC) has provided organizations with enhanced collaboration and communication opportunities. However, limited research has attempted to understand the status quo of CC adoption from the perspectives of the drivers, challenges, and strategies, which would optimize the adoption process and facilitate its successful implementation in the construction industry. Therefore, this study aims to fill the gap with the following research objectives: (1) derive drivers, challenges, and strategies for CC adoption, (2) investigate and analyze the status of CC adoption in the construction industry, and (3) propose feasible recommendations to enhance the CC adoption in the construction industry. To achieve these goals, 9 drivers, 12 challenges, and 7 strategies relevant to the construction industry were identified through a comprehensive literature review, followed by a structured questionnaire survey administered to industry practitioners in the construction industry. Further analyses were conducted to determine if organization size, respondent’s experience, and respondent’s role influence the drivers, challenges, and strategies, followed by postinterviews conducted to echo the analysis results, and the outcomes could advocate the reliability of the findings from this study. The findings are worthy of note and contribute to the body of knowledge in the sense that this study made a novel effort to firstly examine the perceptions of practitioners on the drivers, challenges, and strategies for CC adoption, including the status quo of its implementation. The assessed CC adoption status serves as a starting point of sustainable development for the industry to reap the benefits throughout the project life cycle. Furthermore, this study provides a guide for construction companies in adopting CC technology, which has shown great potential in improving the building and construction industries’ performance and sustainability.

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