AbstractCofiring of coal slime in existing utility boilers is a promising approach to the disposal of coal slime. However, reports about cofiring coal slime with anthracite in the down-fired utility boiler are still few. This work presents a comprehensive study on the combustion characteristics, slagging potential, and NOx emissions of cofiring coal slime and anthracite through lab-scale experiments, numerical simulations, and full-scale industrial measurements in a 600MW down-fired utility boiler. The lab-scale experiments show combustion interactions between anthracite and coal slime, which have both a promotive effect on the ignition of anthracite and inhibitive effect on the combustion and burnout of anthracite. Especially, the inhibitive effect is greater than the promotive effect when the blending ratio of coal slime is above 5%. The addition of coal slime can effectively improve the ash fusion temperature of blended samples. In addition, simulations and full-scale industrial measurements of anthracite cofiring with coal slime are performed in a down-fired utility boiler. The results show that as the blending ratio of coal slime increases, the carbon content in fly ash increases and the boiler efficiency and NOx emissions decrease. A 5% ratio is validated to be a reasonable cofiring ratio of coal slime in the actual operation without no slagging phenomenon. These results provide more insights into the cofiring behavior of coal slime and anthracite and guide the application of blending coal slime in a down-fired boiler.

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