AbstractConcrete-face rockfill dams (CFRDs) usually face different safety problems, such as dam cracks caused by uneven deformation, face slab cracking, dam slope instability, and excessive leakage, during their long-term operation. Therefore, conducting safety evaluations of CFRDs is necessary. This study proposes a comprehensive evaluation method for CFRD behavior on the basis of the fuzzy recognition model and regression relationship method. A subindex safety evaluation method is established with the regression relationship method by using the observational data of 87 CFRD cases. The subindexes’ weights are determined by the multiplication scale method. To comprehensively express the influence of each index on CFRD safety, overweight and index weight are used to determine the comprehensive weight of the subindexes on the basis of fuzzy theory. The comprehensive evaluation grade of dam safety behavior is determined by the fuzzy recognition model combining the subindex evaluation level and comprehensive weight. The proposed comprehensive evaluation method and several existing evaluated safety methods are used to evaluate the safety behavior of Shuibuya and several other CFRDs to verify the feasibility and rationality of the proposed method.

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